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Useful data enhancing mission performance

In response to the dynamic requirements of the intelligence community, OPS Consulting employs quality analysts, resources, and services, such as our proprietary Quick Reaction Capability, that meet the diverse and ever-evolving mission-related informational needs of the Department of Defense.

Our tradecraft enables analysts to provide "value-added" to consumers of intelligence by ensuring:

Our tradecraft also serves as "force multipliers," helping us provide top-quality analysis:

Our company prides itself on employing analysts of the highest caliber, with exploitation and technical capabilities second to none. OPS Consulting maintains a large portfolio of personnel with experience that ranges from Cyber Analysis, Signals Collection, Signals Analysis, Linguistics, Imagery Analysis, HUMINT, to All Source Intelligence Analysis.

Our analysts are predominantly former military personnel with a strong work ethic who have spent years honing their craft both at home and during overseas military deployment.